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The unusual dimming episode of Betelgeuse has surprised astronomers.

Orion, the constellation of the Universe, has a shining Betelgeuse red star, which has been faint for quite some time, the researchers say, that it has been happening for the past century, the phenomenon has excited astronomers a lot, will this star become a supernova ? And it will explode, this question is in everyone’s mind. Astronomers say that it would be thrilling for us to understand the behavior of Beteluse, astronomers had never seen it from Betelgeuse before, and many astronomers are not yet aware of the variable behavior of Supergirl stars like Betelgeuse, but astronomers There is a chance to learn more about the strange activity of the Betelgeuse star.

Betelgeuse is the brightest place, with Betelgeuse being one of the six or seven brightest stars in the sky at night, by mid-December, several places have fallen to 21st on that list. Betelgeuse is about 700 times larger than our sun, and the way it is bigger than our sun, so obviously, it will explode as a supernova one day, and we will be able to see this event at night, If mankind remains alive, it will give us a chance to watch an astronomical show.

Betelgeuse has been seen to glow and dim many times, Betelgeuse is a giant red star, a star late in its life, which has expanded to a gigantic size. Betelgeuse bubbles rise from the star’s surface to the top of the star, causing the mixture of warmer and cooler material on the star’s surface to sink back down, and such a change makes the Betelgeuse brighter over time. Richard Vasatonic, an astronomer at the University of Villanova, has measured the brightness of Bethelues with a 10-inch diameter telescope, at which time he noticed that Betelgeuse was faint again, December. In early 2019, he again realized, during the last 25 years that Betelgeuse had been fainted, Richard Wasatonic put a post on a site called The Astronomer Telegram, to alert other astronomers.

Astronomers have been surprised by the unusual dimming episode, because Betelgeuse is known as a supernova, and the question is whether Betelgeuse will explode, if Betelgeuse explodes, will it have an impact on Earth. According to the researchers, in order to harm the Earth, the Earth has to be extremely close to supernova radiation, but the Earth is about 724 light years away from the Betelgeuse supernova, which is out of danger, so the Earth will not be harmed  .

Astronomers have carefully observed the behavior of stars after a supernova explosion, but have not considered in detail how a star behaves when a star becomes a supernova. Astronomers don’t really know right now, whether the current dimming event is going to a supernova, or not, but there’s still a lot of potential for a bang, because there is so much uncertainty in Betelgeuse’s behavior and his age, though astronomers are Giving more accurate ideas, Betelgeuse will explode anytime in the next 100,000 years.

The unusual dimming episode of Betelgeuse has surprised astronomers.

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