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Month: December 2019

Two reports from 2019 show how galaxies are shaped.

Everything that exists in this universe has its own shape.The planet is almost spherical in shape, and galaxies are of many sizes, whether they were, or would have been, something like this when they were formed.  A team of researchers from NASA discovered that every object in the galaxy, the planet and the universe, all […]

The GISMO team detected radio filaments near the center of the galactic

The GISMO team discovered radio filaments close to the center of the galactic, which we know as the radio arc, is a group of long parallel rays diagonally across the top. The radio arc is attached to the galactic center in the form of arches by strange curving filaments, and it forms the direct part […]

SNR B0509-67.5 galaxy, visible remnants of a stellar explosion in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

150 light away from the Milky Way Galaxy, is a small galaxy in deep space, which we know as Galaxy, the sub-planet of the Milky Way, we can see it as a bubble in space. The image, taken severely floating in the depths of space by the Hubble Space Telescope, hides an apparent turbulence.Called SNR […]

MIT scientists believe that due to dark matter, the mysterious energy excess in the center of the galaxy may be the cause.

Dark matter of 85% area is in universe, big mystrea of ​​the universe in dark matter,Can not see the dark matter usually, it is present everywhere.Scientists in Europe speculate that they have discovered the substance. Scientists believe that the Andhra substance is made up of particles or particles called neutralinos.  Thousands of Neutralinos of Dark […]

What can inspire magnetism in graphene?

What is the strongest thing in this world?  And the name of steel will come in our mind, because as far as we know, there is no steel stronger than this time.  But some research has shown that the strongest object in this world is Graphene. Graphene which is used in pencil, graphite.Why does physics […]

IC 2051 galaxy 85 million light-years away in the southern planetarium.

In the southern constellations about 85 million light away from the Milky Way, the Hubble Space Telescope took photos of the IC 2051 galaxy.  It is a spiral galaxy, studies by researchers show that it has a specific whirlpool, pinned arms, and a piece of stars in its center.The IC 2051 galaxy was observed by […]

How galaxies transform into a shape.

A galaxy made of billions of stars and dust, gas, is so large in size that it takes billions of years for light to pass from one end to the other. This universe is another numbered galaxy, and every galaxy has its own shape  It is, some galaxies would have spiral shape, like our Milky […]

ISRO successfully launched PSLV C48 rocket.

ISRO successfully launched the 50th mission of PSLV C48, it was launched from the first launch pad from Sriharikota of Satish Dhawan Space Center.  The PSLV C48 successfully carried 10 satellites with it, flying 10 satellites successfully into orbit the earth.the PSLV-C48 is the second flight of the PSLV in ‘QL’ configuration (with 4 strap-on […]

A particle ejection event was observed in the asteroid bennu.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has revealed that strange phenomena have been occurring in the asteroid Bennu for some time.When the mission team tested Tata, they found that the asteroid could be active, or continuously discharge particles into space.The events happening in the asteroid Bennu can be answered only when a sample of the asteroid is brought […]

Progress 74 Cargo of Russia was successfully launched.

Russian space agency successfully launched cargo spacecraft, 74 cargo spacecraft was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 4:34 pm. Cargo spacecraft together with about three tons of food and fuel for the crew of the International Space Station.Taking off, the cargo spacecraft successfully flown to the space station.After the Dragon spacecraft, the cargo spacecraft is the second […]

SpaceX successfully launched the third Dragon Spacecraft of the year, for the space station.

SpaceX has successfully deployed the Dragon on its way to the International Space Station,launching the Dragon spacecraft from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida,the Dragon Spacecraft’s 40th launch for the space station. 7, 11, 2019 The dragon will be captured by the crew at the Sabuh International Space Station on Sunday.SpaceX successfully launched […]

NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured images of large-scale cyclones.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, it is a huge gas planet, it can be seen from Earth at night.This gas planet has drawn the attention of researchers, Jupiter being the largest in the solar system has 79 satellites, while researchers believe that any satellite of Jupiter can have life.In the past […]

The Hubble telescope has detected two such galaxies, which, it seems, are talking to each other.

A few million years after the Big Bang, stars were formed, and these stars formed galaxies. A group of stars formed together, and these same stars are called galaxies.  Due to that explosion of Big Bang, our universe has spread, due to which galaxies are also moving away from each other.The Milky Way Galaxy where […]

10 Question about black holes, about which we want to know.

What is black hole, what will happen if we fall inside a black hole, such questions have always been in our mind. Ever since we humans started to know the black hole, our curiosity is big, and we have always been curious about it. Black hole is one of the most mysterious object in the […]

Milky Way’s supermassive black hole reached record high this year.

The Milky Way, where our Earth is, is a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way, known as Sagittarius A,astronomers have recorded light shining in the center of the Milky Way.Astronomers observed near-infrared wavelengths from light on May 13, which were nearly twice as bright as a black hole, and have been […]

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Some 10 things about Hubble space telescope. Appears as a swirling wall of smoke in NGC 6530.