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Month: January 2022

NASA’s MRO previously thought water flows on Mars.

From the discovery made on Mars, it is known that in the future where rivers, ponds will be living.  It was previously estimated that the water on Mars evaporated about 3 years ago, but a study of the data deposited by the MRO on Mars over the past 15 years shows that there are indications […]

A cluster of three galaxies was imaged with the help of the Hubble telescope’s camera.

Using the Hubble Telescope’s Advanced Camera (ACS) and Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3), a cluster of three galaxies was imaged.  As shown in the image, the two galaxies have merged, scientists say, just as the two galaxies in the upper right appear to be interacting with each other, it is, in fact, stars.  Its long […]

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