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Month: April 2020

NASA will launch a rover on the surface of the moon in 2023.

In 2023, NASA is preparing to land a rover on the lunar surface, which will help future astronauts, NASA may face some challenges with the rover launch.  Moon mud is the biggest problem, because the dust of the moon is a formidable adverse, and the grains are like powder and the sharp glass is small, […]

How has the effect of the lockdown impacted the environment.

In the last few months, the kind of environment has improved, and with this, after many years, there has been a decline in air pollution, and the sky has started to look much cleaner than before, the water of those rivers in India has been seen clearly, Those who pass through the city, whose water […]

NASA’s Hubble telescope captures a cannibal galaxy

One such galaxy, formed with a small galaxy that we know as NGC 4651, is a remarkable spiral galaxy, which appears visibly calm and peaceful. NGC 4651 Galaxy revolves in the vast, silent emptiness of space, the galaxy has many mysteries. Researchers believe that this galaxy has consumed another small galaxy to become a large […]

Researchers have discovered dark matter in the Milky Way.

If we divide 100% of the universe,then we come to know that 85% is of Dark Matter, we do not know much about Dark Matter,and today there is a mystery about Dark Matter.  Dark matter was believed to be responsible for the kind of mysterious electromagnetic signals found in galaxies, but a new research has […]

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