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Month: March 2020

The unusual dimming episode of Betelgeuse has surprised astronomers.

Orion, the constellation of the Universe, has a shining Betelgeuse red star, which has been faint for quite some time, the researchers say, that it has been happening for the past century, the phenomenon has excited astronomers a lot, will this star become a supernova ? And it will explode, this question is in everyone’s mind. […]

NASA selected proposals to study the universe.

Our universe is full of secrets, and our scientists have been engaged day and night to learn these secrets. NASA has always been launching satellites, telescopes, to reveal the secrets of the Universe, and NASA has always been ahead of the Universe. NASA is now preparing for its next mission to uncover countless mysteries of […]

The K2-18b planet exoplanet contains plenty of water clouds, but why this planet thrives astronomers.

In 2015, such a planet was discovered, its atmosphere is similar to our Earth, it is a planet that has a cloud like Earth, and researchers have indicated the presence of water in this planet. A planet was discovered in the constellation Leo 110 light years away from us, known as K2-18b, according to researchers […]

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