NASA selected proposals to study the universe.

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Our universe is full of secrets, and our scientists have been engaged day and night to learn these secrets. NASA has always been launching satellites, telescopes, to reveal the secrets of the Universe, and NASA has always been ahead of the Universe. NASA is now preparing for its next mission to uncover countless mysteries of the Universe, NASA will use new technology for these missions. NASA has selected proposals for its next four missions, aimed at studying cosmic explosions, as well as orbiting nearby stellar parts, how the planets affect the atmosphere.

NASA will select two proposals in 2021, after a detailed evaluation, as the next astrophysics mission under the Exploratory Program, and then selected missions to be launched in 2025. Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator at the agency’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington, says that these promising proposals under the Exploration Program reveal some of the most creative, innovative ways to help uncover the mysteries of the universe. To know the biggest cosmic mysteries of our solar system, I hope for the success of these small missions.

NASA has potentially selected two Astrophysics Small Explorer (SMEX) missions and two Mission of Opportunity (MO) proposals, potentially based on the science value and feasibility of development plans.  Each cost of the SMEX mission is $ 145 million, and each cost of MO is $ 75 million, excluding NASA’s launch cost.  NASA will give $ 2 million to each SMEX of the selected proposal to conduct a nine-month mission concept study.

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