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Month: January 2021

In the triple-star system, KOI-5Ab is seen orbiting the primary star…

 KOI-5Ab continues to be a topic of discussion for researchers, as koi-5Ab has been seen orbiting the primary Star, confirming it has also been announced.  koi-5ab revolves around the primary star, it was thought to be a planet half the size of Saturn in a planetary system, and was the only other planet candidate to […]

The reason for seismic activity on the Sun’s surface may be hidden under the solar surface.

  The results, published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters, state that the acoustic source is buried about 700 miles below the surface of the Sun, which scientists previously estimated may be above the surface. New studies show that during the solar flare, there is seismic activity on the surface of the Sun, the cause […]

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