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Month: February 2022

Hubble has observed the collision of two galaxies, which is known as Arp 143.

The Hubble Telescope has detected the collision of two galaxies, in which there is a space triangle, forming Arp 143, in this pair of galaxies the bright, star-forming spiral galaxy NGC 2445 is on the right, and the less fascinating and less spectacular NGC 2445 on the left. With fewer stars is NGC 2444. When […]

TRAPPIST-1 There are 7 planets in the Solar System, out of which 5 are the size of Earth.

In 2017, on February 22, NASA announced a solar system whose star is a red dwarf star, which is orbited by Earth-sized planets, this solar system has seven Earth-sized planets, and this solar system  The star is known as TRAPPIST-1.  This solar system of TRAPPIST-1 is one of the unusual planetary systems discovered beyond our […]

To understand the environment of the Sun and the Earth, NASA is preparing for its next mission.

On February 12, NASA announced that it would place two satellites between Earth and the Sun, with the mission’s objective being to understand the connection between the Sun and Earth, and how the Sun affects the space environment in some way.  Two satellites, Multi-Slit Solar Explorer (MUSE) and Helioswarm, have been selected for this science […]

How dark matter affects the solar system, can it be measured?

 Dark matter is the most mysterious object in the Universe, and the strangest thing is that we cannot see it, because it does not interact with light.  No one has yet seen dark matter, but scientists believe that the Universe consists of 68% dark matter, 27% dark energy and 5% normal matter, and no one […]

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