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Mature galaxy masses in the new Hubble view.

This image was taken by the Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) of the Hubble Space Telescope, a powerful tool installed on the telescope in 2009.  NGC 7773 is a beautiful example of a forbidden spiral galaxy.  NGC 7773’s wide, pinwheel-like spiral arms extend through the bright core of the galaxy to the inner boundary of a shiny bar-shaped structure.  Astronomers believe that these times later the structures emerge during the lifetime of a galaxy, because the content of the star makes its way towards the galactic center – do not allow the small spiral-constrained structures like B-Old spiral, this time  Is a sign of.  Galactic suggests that maturation  They are also considered to work as a stellar nursery, because they shine abundantly of young stars.  Like our galaxy, the Milky Way, NGC 7773, is considered a taboo spiral.  By studying galactic specimens such as NGC 7773 in the entire universe, researchers have hoped that the processes that take shape – and continue to give shape.                                                    


Mature galaxy masses in the new Hubble view.

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