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Month: September 2019

Hubble captures the rare cosmic footprint.

With the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists have captured an event in the Universe, it is a rare rare astronomical event, also called a protoplanetary nebula.It is called Minkowski’s footprint by scientists, and also as Minkowski 92 It is known that this nebula has two huge onion-shaped structures,one on either side of an old star, and because […]

Do ringing black holes support the no-hair theorem of gravitational waves.

As simple as a black hole is, it is just as mysterious, because it is not possible to say that a black hole has hair. Stephen Hawking believed that black black holes can have soft hair, if it is,This will be a new discovery. Researchers say that in spacetime two black holes collide to create waves, […]

What will NASA do under the Artemis mission.

NASA will again send man to the moon, under this mission, NASA is committed to land American astronauts, including the first woman and the next male on the moon, by 2024. During the NASA Artemis lunar mission, NASA will explore new technologies and systems on the moon.Will use  Artemis lunar mission will collaborate with its […]

The astronomer has discovered a new comet, likely interstellar visitors.

Inventors have made a new discovery, a comet has been shown, this comet has excited the astronomical community very much, because this comet seems to have come from outside our solar system. Object to this comet – C / 2019 Q4  Named Borisov (Borisov), the comet was discovered on August 30, 2019 by Gennady Borisov […]

For the first time the ringing of any newborn black hole has been detected.

You would all know about Einstein’s general theory of relativity, whether this theory is true, or not, if two black holes collide with each other on a large scale, this phenomenon arises from semiconductor collisions, which themselves  Must have a “ring” from which gravitational waves are formed, similar to sound waves. A prediction was made […]

New study models suggest that Titan lakes have eruption craters.

Saturn’s satellite is a methane-filled lake on Titan.This lake is surrounded by steep rims reaching hundreds of feet high, NASA has detected it by the Cassini spacecraft, the spacecraft used radar data, and some  Long ago, in recently published research, it was reported that basins have formed in the lunar crust due to warming nitrogen […]

Due to overnight changes in the atmosphere of Mars, the mystery of methane can be solved.

Mars is the second planet where life is possible, Many types of craters are found in this red planet, and one of them is Gail crater, 154 km in diameter of this crater, this crater is about 3.8 billion years old, methane gas is found in this crater, because from this big crater Methane gas […]

NASA’s ICON spacecraft launch will be launched on 10 October.

The Icon spacecraft will tell us where the Earth’s atmosphere ends, and where does it start from where it started? We will get the answers to such other questions very soon, we will get the answers to these questions by the ionospheric connection explorer, or ICON, spacecraft, which will be launched on October 11. NASA […]

Contact with the lander-rover may have been lost, but expectations from the orbiter are still intact.

Signal was stopped from the Vikram lander just 2.1k.g before the landing,and for some time there was silence in the center of ISRO, as the Vikram lander was seen up to 2.1 k,g altitude with normal performance. Subsequently,communication from the Vikram lander to ground stations was lost.The data was analyzed by scientists, but nothing came […]

An infrared view of the M81 Galaxy by NASA.

The M81 Galaxy is located 12 million light-years from our Milky Way, located in the northern constellations of Ursa Major, including the Big Dipper, the galaxy Messier 81 is easily visible by large telescopes and small telescopes. Friends As we know, NASA launched the Spitzer Space Telescope in August 2003, a few days after its launch, […]

Scientists develop a kind of optical ruler, which can measure many nanoscale.

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have found a way to measure distance at the nanoscale, for example, one billionth of a nanometer — and use light in it.  As we understand as an example, a device that uses light to see objects, we can understand this by example, for example as we know, […]

Atoms promise as proton conducting membranes, for each of the thinner mineral green technologies.

Experiments by researchers at the University of Manchester have found that the atom is a type of common mineral found in each form of thin mic – soil, and is an excellent proton conductor, and this amazing result results in fuel cells and other hydrogen-related technologies, As such, it is important to use 2-D materials […]

On Asteroid Day, the Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite took a photo of a Gauss Bluff crater in the northern region of Australia.

GossesBluff crater shows in Australia.Its diameter is about 22 km, it is most likely to have been capped by a large comet or meteorite about 140 million years ago.The Ess satellite Copernicus Watchdog-2A takes over the Gauss Bluff crater in the northern region of Australia, the crater appears in the left center of the image, […]

Breakthrough enables mechanical waves to release storage without energy.

Friends, as we know, that there are waves of light and sound, based on their energy and signal transport, that are fundamental to some of the most basic technologies, because from cell phones to engines, scientists have, so far,One such method is derived, or a method has been developed, which allows them to store a […]

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Some 10 things about Hubble space telescope. Appears as a swirling wall of smoke in NGC 6530.