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Month: October 2019

Astro_Cristina and Astro_Jessica successfully completed the Spacewalkers.

                                           Friday has been a historic day, as it was the first time two women collaborated with Spacewalker, the first time two female astronauts Astro_Christina & Astro_Jessica did Spacewalker out of ISS, another mission in […]

The Hubble telescope saw another object that came from another solar system.

                                             The second such object seen after Oumuamua, which came from another solar system, is a known interstellar visitor. The best images of this interstellar visitor have been captured by the NASA Hubble Space […]

It is possible to go against the flow around a supermassive black hole.

About 47 million light years away from our Earth is a galaxy called NGC 1068, at the center of which is a supermassive black hole, hidden within a dense donut-shaped cloud of dust and gas.When astronomers used the Atacama Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Array (ALMA) to study that cloud in more detail, they made an […]

Astronomers suggest that light is a problem for life on a planet orbiting a black hole.

                                                What is important for life in any planet, the presence of water in that planet, and that planet being at a distance from its sun.  Can there be life in any […]

NASA’s new spacesuit, to be used by astronauts on the Artemis mission.

                                              Nasa’s Artemis mission will be carried out in 2024, under this mission, before NASA and the next man step on the lunar south pole, to confirm NASA’s overall performance, the new suit […]

A new study of lava flows reveals that Venus may have once had liquid water like the Earth.

A new study of Ovda flactus lava flows on Venus has been pointed out by scientists, which has been found in the study to be composed of basaltic lava. And this finding undermines the notion that Venus may have once had liquid water like the Earth, its oceans may have been like the Earth. In previous […]

What is Oumuamua? And where did it come from.

On 19 October 2017, astronomers in the solar system spotted a strange object, a low-active comet of 230 x 35 x 35 meters in size, its color is dark red like most objects in the outer solar system.Discovered by Robert Verick.The astronomer had said that the combination of such an incredible motion of the object […]

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