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Month: August 2019

NASA’s Lunar X-ray Observatory has captured images of cosmic events,

                                   The Chandra X-ray Observatory (CXO), launched by NASA on July 23, 1999, is a flagship-class space telescope. Chandra X-rays captured many stunning images of cosmic phenomena over its two decades of work.And the most iconic supernova remnant of […]

Crew moved Russian Soyuz spacecraft to different port.

The Soyuz rocket successfully docked the MS-13 spacecraft with three expedition 60 members, for the space station’s Poisk module.Transfer to MS-13 spacecraft was done at 11:59 pm, successful transfer!  At 11:59 pm ET, the Soyuz MS-13 spacecraft docked the Poisk module from Space_Station, and a second docking effort was carried out on Monday night.  The […]

Second docking effort for Russian spacecraft planned for Monday night

                                                    On Saturday, August 24, met with NASA’s International Space Station managers and international partners, as plans were to approve a second spectacular and docking effort for the unilateral Soyuz […]

NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale mms- measured high-resolution Interplanetary Shock.

                                      NASA’s spacecraft Magnetospheric Multiscale mission -mms-, some time ago, measured the high-resolution of the Interplanetary Shock. It is a shock. And these shocks occur everywhere in the universe, they are made up of particles and electromagnetic waves, which […]

According to NASA’s LRO and Messenger spacecraft, the Moon and Mercury are likely to have water.

LRO and Messenger This is both a NASA spacecraft, studied by LRO and Messenger on the Moon and Mercury.According to the study, there is a possibility of water in Moon and Mercury.If seen, the Earth’s satellite Moon and Mercury are both the closest planets to the Sun, the same according to NASA’s new study of […]

SpaceX is ready for its next mission AMOS-17.

This year has been great for SpaceX, the workhors rocket and Falcon 9 of SpaceX have been a successful year for launch. Spacex’s rocket Falcon 9 has seven flight and seven successful landing  Now SpaceX is ready for its next mission AMOS-17.  The same spacex has confirmed, where is the ceo elon musk of spaceX,  […]

NASA is partnering with 12 American companies for the Artemis mission.

American Space Agency NASA has just announced a few time ago, is partnering with 13 US companies, which will bring significant technologies to the moon for NASA’s Artemis missions.And NASA will help in establishing a permanent human presence in space, and further with the cooperation of companies. NASA has selected 13 American companies from 19 […]

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