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Sun’s Old Faithful Geyser.

Who wouldn’t know about geysers, everybody knows, most of us have seen geysers, usually when geysers are formed, when surface water is heated by magma, at an average depth of about 2,000 feet  The exposed rocks come in contact, and due to which under heavy pressure, this water boils, and because of this the mixture of steam and hot water comes running out towards the surface under severe pressure, and this  Like  The dish is manufactured. Did you tell us, there are geysers in the sun too, and these geysers are quite large, about these geysers of the sun has been mysterious for the last few decades, to find out the secret of these geysers, new research on spastic phenomena started  Are happening

As we know, the Sun is a burning fireball, in which the plasma is present, because of which it is burning, the lines of the Sun’s magnetic field move themselves in and out as ropes, due to which It releases a tremendous amount of energy. Sunspots, a typical solar event, are capable of hosting geysers or sites of frequent rejection activity.

Our solar system is the highest gravitational force of anyone, so is the Sun, which has a high intensity magnetic field in the atmosphere, there are two reasons behind it. The first reason is that hot plasma rises near the inner core of the sun, and it comes face to face with the numbness of the vacuum of outer space, once it cools, this plasma condenses, making the process  To start afresh, it gets ready and slips its way back.

The second reason is the rotation of the Sun, because as we know, the surface of the Sun is not as solid as the Earth, since the Sun is not a solid body like the Earth, different parts rotate at different speeds, and at the equator  Plasma rotates at the poles faster than the stuff. The magnetic field can be greatly enhanced by this combination due to the difference in sharp rotation, and it can be tied into a twisted rope of pure magnetic energy, as the stresses in these “ropes” are very high. The magnetic field lines begin to snap, and release that energy in the form of X-rays.

Those parts of the sun known as sunspots have particularly intense magnetic activity, and in these places are like tangled ropes of magnetic-field lines, the ropes themselves in the surface of the sun It takes The magnetic force of the Sun prevents the gas from reaching the surface first. Some of the sun’s sites that cool down to a thousand degrees, which we can see as dark colors on the surface of the sun.

Those parts of the Sun which are known as Sunspots, these Sunspots of the Sun are very chaotic, these Sunspots of the Sun push excessive magnetic field from inside to turbulent plasma. These phenomena of the Sun are so extreme, that some regions of the sunspot launch plasma jets far away from the Sun’s surface, a situation that requires a lot of energy and sufficient concentration of magnetic forces. The sunspot parts of the sun are so amazing, that the areas near them are capable of launching multiple jets in a regular pattern, similar to the way Old Faithful “geysers” in Yellowstone National Park in the US.

Sun’s Old Faithful Geyser.

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