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Month: September 2020

NASA’s IRIS Spots Nanosets observed that light shines when the solar corona is heated.

The Sun, whose mass is about 109 times more than our Earth, and as we know, the Sun is a ball of fire, whose life on earth is possible only with light. How much we know about the Sun, we know just as much as our scientists have discovered about the Sun.  Do you know, […]

From the data observation of the Hubble telescope, Dark Matter theories suggest a missing component.

 The darkest matter in the universe is the most mysterious object of the universe, which also results in the presence of dark matter in the more clustered galaxy itself, according to researchers, it is found in clusters in galaxies. Astronomers have discovered from Hubble telescope data that there may be a missing ingredient in our […]

Astronomers have explored an active galaxy resembling a tif fighter using radio waves.

The explorers have observed an active galaxy, using radio waves to map the galaxy, in which they have found a familiar shape. During this reaction, researchers discovered an object, known as TXS 0128 + 554, researchers experienced two powerful bouts of activity in the last century.  TXS 0128 + 554 About five years ago, NASA’s […]

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