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Are the images we see, real ?

There are many such places in the earth, whose images, when we see them, we are thrilled, and why not, it is so beautiful that we cannot express them in words, and it is so real, that  We want to go to these places. The world is such an image, which is not real, but still it is so beautiful, upon seeing it, it seems that the person in the picture is in real and he is now speaking, he was made by the artist  Is, that we are not able to differentiate between real and fake images. Friends, do you know, whatever image we see of the Universe is not completely real, I do not mean to say that the image of the Universe is completely fake, it is real, just like we are without any color  In the image, we fill the color according to ourselves, and after that it becomes so real, that we cannot tell that it is a fake image.

The telescope takes a photo of any galaxy or planet, it is not the same, as we see in the image, it is somewhat different, which is later expressed by the data.  The image taken by the telescope is like a white dot, if we see this, we will not understand anything, we will be able to see it as a point, so when an image is taken by the telescope,  First, the image is prepared by the computer according to the data, and after that we can understand the image properly.

 Whenever we see images of galaxies, stars, planets, and we have always seen that the universe is so good that everything is image, that as soon as we see them, we start analyzing them, as we all know. As we see the Universe image, it is not like that, but they are made in such a way that every common man can understand it, and analyze them properly. As we know, there is darkness in the Universe, we can see only those on whom Prakash reads, and cannot see those on whom Prakash does not read. We have seen the image of galaxies, that they are quite colorful, but in real time the galaxy does not look like that, when the telescope takes the image of a galaxy, it is like a white dot, and later on, the image of the telescope  With the help of, it is discarded, as if gas, dust is present in the galaxy, in that galaxy, then the gas presents the dust as red, white color, according to telescope data, This image is used.

Are the images we see, real ?

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