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The Hubble telescope has detected two such galaxies, which, it seems, are talking to each other.

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A few million years after the Big Bang, stars were formed, and these stars formed galaxies. A group of stars formed together, and these same stars are called galaxies.  Due to that explosion of Big Bang, our universe has spread, due to which galaxies are also moving away from each other.

The Milky Way Galaxy where our Earth is, I mean to say, our own Galaxy, which we know as the Milky Way.The Milky Way is also made up of billions of stars, there are other galaxies like the Milky Way, these galaxies are far away from the Milky Way, but there is a galaxy, which is very close to our Milky Way, which we know as Andromeda.  The Andromeda Galaxy is very close to the Milky Way, and because of this it is possible to see Andromeda from the Earth, the Andromeda Galaxy being closer to the Milky Way, it is called our neighboring galley Xi says There are many more galaxies in the universe, which are very close, which by seeing it seems that they are talking to each other.

A few days ago, two such galaxies have been seen by the Hubble Telescope, which are close to each other, looking at them, as if they are both very close friends.  These two keep wandering close to each other, seeing that it seems that they both have very close friendship.

These galaxies, known by the NASA / ESA Hubble Space Telescope, are known as NGC 6285 (left) and NGC 6286 (right). From the Tata of Hubble telescope, it is known that their gravitational force is seeing their shape. According to NASA’s report, their gravitational force is drawing currents of gases, and due to which the currents of dust are distorting their shapes, due to which it is making its presence on the sky.

Even before, by Hubble Telescope, such pairs have been seen, Hubble has seen many types of pairs so far, whose distinctive, beautiful and their shapes attract researchers.

The Hubble telescope has detected two such galaxies, which, it seems, are talking to each other.

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