NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured images of large-scale cyclones.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, it is a huge gas planet, it can be seen from Earth at night.This gas planet has drawn the attention of researchers, Jupiter being the largest in the solar system has 79 satellites, while researchers believe that any satellite of Jupiter can have life.

In the past few years, researchers have hinted at Jupiter’s life on the satellite Titan, in search of this life, many space agencies have sent several astronauts to strike Jupiter and its satellite.To study the planet Jupiter, NASA sent voyager 1 and 2 to Jupiter’s orbit in the 70’s viewer.On 5 August 2011, NASA sent another space research vehicle, which we know as the Juno spacecraft.It took about 5 years for the Juno spacecraft to recognize the Jupiter orbit, NASA has built the Juno spacecraft to study the Jupiter.

A few days ago Juno, a NASA spacecraft, caught an amazing scene in the Southern Hemisphere during Jupiter’s strike.In the image above, you can see,in this image, massive cyclones have been captured near the south pole of Jupiter,as well chaotic clouds of the folded filamentary region – the turbulent region between the orange band and the brown polar region.

The Juno spacecraft caught a large number of cyclones while the Juno spacecraft took off closest to the Jupiter, while Juno was moving away from the Jupiter.During that time the Juno was traveling at a speed of about 85,000 mph, and it was slightly higher than it was an hour ago, and until reaching the nearest cloud top, the Juno spacecraft moved more than 130,000 mph relative to Jupiter The speed was reached.

Using the data of JunoCamer imager of Juno spacecraft, citizen scientist Ali Abbasi created this image.This image was taken by Juno at 3:29 pm on November 3, 2019, as Juno performed the 23rd close flyby of Jupiter.When this image was taken by Juno,the Juno spacecraft was about 65,500 miles away from the planet Jupiter, at a latitude of about -70 degrees.

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