10 Question about black holes, about which we want to know.

What is black hole, what will happen if we fall inside a black hole, such questions have always been in our mind. Ever since we humans started to know the black hole, our curiosity is big, and we have always been curious about it. Black hole is one of the most mysterious object in the universe, black hole has always attracted the attention of researchers. Friends, as we all know, black hole is the most dense object in the universe, and our article today is on black hole.

When are black holes formed? When the term of a star expires, that star becomes a black hole. Friends, you must have read about the Chandrasekhar border. According to the Chandrasekhar limit, the mass of a star is 1.39 (2.765 × 1030 kg), the end of that star with a bang, which we know as a supernova. And when the mass of a star is equal to the Chandrasekhar limit, that star does not end with a bang, its gravitational force is so high, that it swallows itself. When the mass of a star is less than the Chandrasekhar limit, the end of that star cools down, which we know as the white dwarf star.

The gravitational force of a black hole is the highest in the entire universe, its gravitational force is so high that even sunlight cannot survive it. How does the gravitational force of a black hole work? The gravitational force of a black hole draws any object towards itself, whatever it may be, the stars or the light of the sun, it pulls everyone towards it. How to identify a black hole? Friends, we cannot see black holes, because they disappear, they cannot be seen. So now it comes, then how do we identify them, if they disappear. Friends, due to the higher gravitational force of the black hole, it pulls a star towards itself, when the black hole pulls the stars towards it, the stars start orbiting the black hole, and due to which the light of the stars surround the black A boundary is formed, and in this way we identify the black hole.

Friends, NASA scientists have told such things about the black hole.Which we do not know. Through Twitter, Nasa has told 10 such things of black hole, which we should know. Which 10 things are they?

(1) Black hole that we cannot see, which we cannot see, then how can we learn about it?

Due to the gravitational force of black hole, something moves inside black hole, for example, sunlight, we know, sunlight cannot even get outside a black hole. If an object moves in a black hole, then that object also cannot be returned. For black holes, NASA used the space telescope to study more about black holes. NASA studied the atmosphere around the black hole with a space telescope, to study the black hole. NASA has seen this atmosphere through space telescope, the material closest to the black hole.

NASA heated the matter to millions of degrees, because when the black hole pulls the matter towards it, it can be easily seen by X-rays. It glows in X-rays due to the matter being heated to millions of degrees. According to scientists, the immense gravity of a black hole black also distorts the entire space, and because of this we can see stars and other objects with an invisible gravitational pull.

(2) Approximately how long does it take to make a black hole with more or less mass?

How long a star can take in a black hole depends on the mass of that star. Usually a stellar-mass black hole is equal to ten times the mass of the Sun, when it explodes in a star, it ends up in this star, then it can become a black hole in a few seconds.

Relative to these larger stellar-masses, smaller black holes can also form through merging two dense stellar residues, which we commonly know as neutron star forms. Usually a neutron star may take some time to form a black hole, but if a neutron star merges with a black hole, it may take very little time to form a larger black hole. Researchers believe that such a merger creates waves due to two large black holes colliding with each other, or that the merging of two black holes produces waves in space-time, which we Gravitational waves know the form.

(3) How do we calculate the mass of a supermassive black hole?

Supermassive Black Hole This is the largest size ever, and its mass is equal to thousands of hundreds of billions of black holes, and most likely, all – galaxies have a supermassive black hole at their centers. Usually our own Milky Way They are also a supermassive black hole in the galaxy, most speculating that supermassive black holes are the centers of galaxies.

sientists generally cannot calculate the mass of a supermassive black hole, because it disappears.When a star moves near a supermassive black hole, it does not escape its gravitational force, and the supermassive black hole pulls the star towards itself. During this time, due to the dust of the stars, the supermassive black appears as a ring, during which the dust is warmer, due to which it can be seen with X-ray.

(4) A black hole can swallow the entire galaxy?

No, because there is no way that a black hole can swallow the entire galaxy. Galaxies usually have billions of stars, and there is a supermassive black hole in the middle of every galaxy, and the gravitational mass of supermassive black holes is usually much larger, but it is currently unable to eat the entire galaxy.

(5) What if we fall into a black hole?

Well, it should not be so, because it will not be good, even light cannot be released from a black hole, so our question is not answered. As far as we know about the black hole interior, it comes from the Theory of Relativity.

What if your friends are falling into a block hole? If you are looking at that density from a distance, then you will be able to see only the areas outside the black hole. But your friend’s reality will change, your friend will experience a different reality. Your friend’s perception of space and time will change completely, if your friend comes out of the black hole, it should not happen, But suppose if he comes out, it will be a few seconds for him, but it will be a few years for us.

Suppose instead of your friend, you are falling into a black hole, and at that time, the huge gravity of the black hole will compress you horizontally, and pull you vertically like a noodle.it is said.

However, this type of incident has not happened to anyone, because the black hole is far away from us. But scientists have seen such an event, the only difference is that they saw a star. They saw that a black hole is cutting a star, and it is a process in which tremendous amount of energy is released.

(6) What if the sun becomes a black hole?

The mass of our Sun is not enough to make it a black hole; the Sun will end up as a white dwarf star. It will first spread itself, then it will slowly dissolve itself, due to its own gravitational force, and eventually become a white dwarf star.

If we visualize this phenomenon hypothetically, our Sun has become a black hole, as it is now, in the form.Will it affect the planets of the solar system? So the answer is no, because the gravitational force of the Sun will remain the same, and the Earth will continue to rotate around without pulling.

(7) Do black holes really have any effect on our planet?

When a massive star ends, a huge explosion occurs, and during this event black holes with stellar mass are left behind. Due to this explosion, elements such as carbon, nitrogen and oxygen are distributed. And because of these elements life became possible, and it is necessary for life in space.

When two neutrons merge between the stars, due to that, huge amount of elements are spread all around.Which subsequently create new planets, and shock shocks during stellar explosions also trigger the formation of new stars and new solar systems.If life has become possible in our earth, then it is because of the events of explosions and collisions, which happened before long time of our existence.

Generally, we all know that every galaxy in the Universe has a supermassive black hole, which is on a very large scale.Is there really any connection between the formation of galaxies and supermassive black holes, scientists have not yet understood it. Is it possible that a black hole may have a role in the formation of our Milky Galaxy.

(8) The farthest black hole is, what does this indicate?

About 13.1 billion light years away from Earth, a black hole has been discovered, it is the farthest black hole ever. Located in a galaxy about 13.1 billion light years away from Earth. Scientists believe that if the age of the universe is about 13.8 billion years, it means that this black hole came into existence about 690 million years after the Big Bang.

Astronomers know the supermassive black hole by the name of quasar, which means that where a large amount of gas is entering the black hole so fast, that its energy output is one thousand times higher than that of the galaxy.The reason is its extreme brightness, that is why astronomers can detect it so far.

(9) If nothing survives from a black hole, why didn’t the black hole swallow the universe?

The universe is the end, there is no end to it, it is so big, that we cannot even imagine it. How many galaxies are there in the universe itself, we cannot even imagine how many black holes are like this universe supermassive black hole. Can a black hole swallow the universe, no. The area of a black hole is limited to a limit, and its gravitational force is also limited to a limit.

The gravitational force of a black hole is much lower than that of the Milky Way, and it cannot swallow the entire galaxy, so that means it cannot swallow the entire Universe. The black hole can swallow the stars nearby, and the stars swallow before being swallowed, leaving the stars below, because the black hole weighs a few million times the mass of the Sun. The Milky Way is the black hole at the center of the galaxy, if this black hole swallows the stars like the Sun, then the Earth is no threat, because it is 26,000 light away from the Earth, because it will not have the effect of gravitational force on the Earth.

Will there ever be a black hole size correction on future collisions of two galaxies, perhaps not. The universe is getting bigger every day, meaning that it is not possible for two black holes to merge in the future.

(10) Can the universe have small black holes?

Yes there are small black holes in the universe, and it exists, these have not been seen yet, how can we say that there are small black holes.The late physicist Stephen Hawking proposed, small black holes are, Stephen Hawking believed that black holes grow larger than stars, but they also slowly shrink, because black holes lose their energy in small amounts “Hawking radiation”, due to which the energy of the black hole diminishes and slowly loses its existence.

The empty space we see in the universe is not really empty space, it is not really empty space.Hawking radiation takes place at these places, it is a kind of microscope, and these microscopic black holes are more radical radiation producers. Hawking radiation actually exists, and we can call it a sea of particles outside. Stephen Hawking believed that a pair of ‘Hawking radiation’ particles would form near a black hole, when the black hole would drag one of them inside before it was destroyed. And during this event, its partner will escape into space, and the black hole receives energy from ‘Hawking radiation’ particles, if the black hole does not get energy, it gradually loses its energy and mass.

Generally, the black hole we know about is probably not enough, we should know the black hole more closely. Black hole is quite mysterious, if we can know the secret of black hole, then perhaps we will be able to know more about the universe. Friends, how did you like this article, or you want to ask questions related to this article, then you can ask in the comment box.

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