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SpaceX successfully launched the third Dragon Spacecraft of the year, for the space station.

SpaceX has successfully deployed the Dragon on its way to the International Space Station,launching the Dragon spacecraft from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida,the Dragon Spacecraft’s 40th launch for the space station. 7, 11, 2019 The dragon will be captured by the crew at the Sabuh International Space Station on Sunday.

SpaceX successfully launched the Falcon 9 launch, successfully separating the Falcon 9 booster dragon at 2 minutes 40 seconds after liftoff. And 10 minutes later, the Falcon 9 booster course landed on I Still I Love You, the Falcon 9 booster’s 46th landing.

SpaceX launched Falcon 9 at 12:29 pm SpaceX launched its third cargo mission to NASA this year.The purpose is to transport more than 5,700 pounds of research, supplies and hardware to the International Space Station, including 250  Contains important material to support dozens of more science investigations and technology demonstrations.

About 10 minutes after launch, the dragon will reach its initial orbit. It will then leave for its Solar Dragon spacecraft ISS, at which time it will begin a carefully choreographed series of thrust firing. It will arrive on ISS on 7 December morning, and the expedition 61.Commander Luca Permitano will play the role of a dragon with NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan. Jessica Mir of NASA will assist the pair by monitoring telemetry during the Dragon’s approach, and the crew will monitor the vehicle’s actions. After the Dragon is captured, the mission in Houston will send commands to rotate the arm of the control station and install it under the station’s Harmony Earth-Face Port.

SpaceX successfully launched the third Dragon Spacecraft of the year, for the space station.

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