Progress 74 Cargo of Russia was successfully launched.

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Russian space agency successfully launched cargo spacecraft, 74 cargo spacecraft was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 4:34 pm. Cargo spacecraft together with about three tons of food and fuel for the crew of the International Space Station.Taking off, the cargo spacecraft successfully flown to the space station.

After the Dragon spacecraft, the cargo spacecraft is the second spacecraft to be flown to the space station.The Dragon spacecraft was launched on 5 December, and the Dragon spacecraft will arrive at the space station on 7 December, the cargo spacecraft will arrive at the space station on 8 December.

74 cargo spacecraft After 49 orbits and a three-day journey to Earth, the spacecraft will be docked on the Russian section of the station at 5:38 am on Monday morning in the Pirs compartment.NASA TV coverage of 9 Progressing Echo and Docking will begin on 8 December, TV coverage of Dragon’s music and capture by NASA will begin at 4 am.

The 74 cargo spacecraft will be docked at the space station for more than seven months, until the end of the progress, it will depart for its position in the Earth’s atmosphere in July 2020.

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