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Astronomers suggest that light is a problem for life on a planet orbiting a black hole.

What is important for life in any planet, the presence of water in that planet, and that planet being at a distance from its sun.  Can there be life in any one planet, which has no sun, by the way, we know that the sun is the main reason for any planet to have life.  A planet has been seen that is orbiting a black hole with no star around it, but astrophysicist Jeremy Steintman believes that there is a possibility of life in that planet, but how in that planet There can be life, which has no star of its own, Jeremy Steintman is an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Jeremy Steintman has a tongue-in-cheek approach to those issues. Described in the form, he believes that planet can be life, he has written a paper outlining his idear.

Regarding life on a planet orbiting a black hole, space scientists are skeptical about the idea of ​​life on that planet, mostly because of the possibility that to provide light and energy, that  No star around the planet.  Jeremy Steintman started thinking about planets, can there really be life on that planet ?,There cannot be a sun around to provide light and energy for life on a planet near a black hole, Schichtman noted, that such a formidable space may not have enough reason to control life  Is, because black holes usually have accretion disks consisting of hot gas and other substances, and such disks are used for light and energy to survive life.  Could do with a planet. 

Schteinman believes that black holes will transfer high energy to light reaching nearby planets, which can be destructive to life, and such blue shifting transports all lightheats to the planet, and contains harmful UV  Rays are also included. It is still unclear whether any planets can exist near a black hole, and this is unlikely.

Astronomers suggest that light is a problem for life on a planet orbiting a black hole.

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