Milky Way Galaxy Getting so Gassy ?

How important is the presence of gas in the Milky Way Galaxy, because as gases create stars and planets, gases from our Milky Way have to go out or decrease.The team of astronomers has discovered a strange surplus of gas in the Milky Way galaxy.

Using the data that the Nasa Hubble Space Telescope had in 10 years of action, the team of astronomers concluded that the release into our galaxy  There is more gas than that, and this is a significant imbalance of the gas, rather than a balance of entering and escaping, and that is what the team behind this discovery has yet to find.Medical is not found the source of inequality.

The researchers used data taken by Hubble Telescope, and data from Hubble’s Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS), which allowed researchers to learn more about the galaxy.  The space allows the telescope to study objects that absorb or emit light, and determine aspects such as their temperature, chemical makeup, velocity, and density. Using COS data, the team of researchers can observe the movement of gases present in the galaxy. 

Gases are shown red in photos, gases are moving away from our galaxy, and the same blur  We know as redshift and blueshift. Our Milky Way Galaxy is surrounded by a giant gas cloud. The cloud of gas allowed researchers to see that there was more “blue” (entering) gas than “red” (exit) gas, researchers have yet to pinpoint the source of this imbalance, and their  Believed, it could be due to one of three things Astronomers were the first to believe that this extra gas could come through the interstellar medium, and their second suggestion was that the Milky Way would, according to a statement, use its impressive gravitational bridge to swipe gas from small, or nearby, galaxies.  are using it.  The team of researchers regard this study as only cool gases, and researchers believe that hotter gases may also contribute to the change of dust, gas.

Dust, a cloud of gases, has left the Milky Way galaxy, mainly due to events such as supernovae and stellar winds that have pushed them out of the Milky Way’s galactic disk, the clouds of gases as they return to the galaxy, and which they call new stars And contribute to the formation of the planets, it is important to regulate the balance between the flow and outflow of gases, because of this reason aka like us  How objects like stars are formed in the Ganges.

Surendra Uikey

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