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It is possible to go against the flow around a supermassive black hole.

About 47 million light years away from our Earth is a galaxy called NGC 1068, at the center of which is a supermassive black hole, hidden within a dense donut-shaped cloud of dust and gas.When astronomers used the Atacama Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Array (ALMA) to study that cloud in more detail, they made an unexpected discovery that showed that, from the very beginning of the universe, supermassive black holes  Why have they grown so fast?  Astronomers have measured the speed of the gas present in the inner orbits around the black hole. 

Violette Impellizzeri of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), who works at ALMA, Chile, has published an article author, The Astrophysical Journal  The most strange thing is that the two discs met in opposite directions. Astronomers say that supermassive black holes already existed when the Universe was young – exactly one year after the Big Bang.  The mass of these supermassive black holes is up to billions of times that of the Sun, and it can evolve in a relatively short period of time, an excellent question among astronomers.  

The per-rotating gas currents are unstable, which means that clouds in a black hole fall faster, and as much as they do with a disk in one direction, impelizary believes. Astronomers say that this can be a method in which a black hole can develop rapidly.

NGC 1068 (Messier 77) is a spiral galaxy,with an active galactic nucleus at its  center,a supermassive black hole actively feeding itself from thin,rotating,disks of gas and dust,and it Also known as an accretion disk.The black hole is not only reducing material,but it also gases at incredibly high speeds up to 500 kilometers per second(over one million mph).Is getting out.This gas being expelled from the accretion disk contributes to hiding the area around the black hole.

Implicazieri and his team used superior zoom lens capability to observe the gas around the black hole, and unexpectedly, they found two counter-rotating disks of gas, one of which is an internal disk of 2-4 light. One year, and it follows the rotation of the galaxy, while the second outer disk (also known as a torus)spans 4–22 light-years, and it transversely Revolves from One cannot expect such,because the gas falling in a black hole normally rotates in one direction only.Impelrezori has said that it is impossible to rotate a part of the disc backwards all by itself.

Counter-rotation is not an uncommon occurrence.  It is usually thousands of light-years away from its galactic centers. Jack Gallimore, co-author of Bucknell University in Louisburg, Pennsylvania, explained that counter-rotation always results in collisions between two galaxies. 

Astronomers believe it  Is, that gas clouds could be the cause of backward flow in NGC 1068, and that it would have escaped out of the host galaxy, or the counter-cry captured in the disk  Eting pass a little on Orbit appears in a stable orbit around the external disk internal disk galaxy Dwarakblack hole.  

And this will change when the external disk starts falling on the internal disk, and this phenomenon is likely to happen after a few orbits or a few hundred thousand years. When the rotating currents of gas collide in the galaxy, it will become unstable, and  Due to which the disc is likely to fall into a bright light, and thus the molecular gas falls into the black hole.

It is possible to go against the flow around a supermassive black hole.

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