Two reports from 2019 show how galaxies are shaped.

Everything that exists in this universe has its own shape.The planet is almost spherical in shape, and galaxies are of many sizes, whether they were, or would have been, something like this when they were formed.

 A team of researchers from NASA discovered that every object in the galaxy, the planet and the universe, all of them are shaped by gravitational forces. According to research by Infrared Astronomy and the Stratospheric Observatory, magnetic fields play a strong role in shaping these galaxies. Enrique Lopez-Rodríguez, a University Space Research Association scientist at the SOFIA Science Center at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, California, says magnetic fields are invisible, but they affect the evolution of a galaxy.

According to a new report, how magnetic causes galaxies to form, how galaxies generate magnetic fields. Using the Jansky Very Large Array Radio Telescope, a team of astronomers has detected for the first time a large-scale magnetic field in the halo of a large-scale galaxy, which confirms theoretical modeling, somehow galaxies are magnetic Generate a field.

Every object in the Universe that we see, how it all comes together, as Earth, Sun and planets, galaxies, somehow evolve, says Matthew Benaquista, a project director of the NSF’s Division of Astronomical Sciences. The galaxy is an attempt to measure magnetic fields and learn how they affect, that interstellar gases are removed from the galaxy disk, and contribute to galaxy formation and evolution.

The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy, and the spiral galaxy, identified as NGC 4631 or “whale galaxy”, can be seen on the edge of the galaxy. Researchers analyzed the data, and they observed that the disk of its stars is in pink, and the field lines in green and blue, which extend beyond the disk into the expanded halo of the galaxy. Green represents, and indicates, fibers with magnetic fields, and the same blue indicates fibers with their own magnetic fields, a phenomenon similar to that observed earlier.

Surendra Uikey

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