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The GISMO team detected radio filaments near the center of the galactic

The GISMO team discovered radio filaments close to the center of the galactic, which we know as the radio arc, is a group of long parallel rays diagonally across the top. The radio arc is attached to the galactic center in the form of arches by strange curving filaments, and it forms the direct part of the cosmic candy cane.

When scientists studied the filaments, and found that the filaments delineate the edges of a large bubble created by some energetic event in the galactic center, and also the luminous radio structure at the bottom right encircles a black hole at the galactic center is. It is known as Sgitarius A *.  27,000 light-years away lies within the bright field, and additional red arcs in the same image reveal other fibers.

The galaxy extends 190 light-years from the center to the center, and is one of the long, thin strands of ionized gas, called filaments, that emit radio waves. Two papers have been published describing the image of the center of the Galaxy, one led by Arindt and one led by Stagen, both of which were published in The Astrophysical Journal on 1 November.

Richard Arendt, a team member at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and Goddard, who says the GISMO data was found on viewing the radio arc. That its emission comes from spiraling by high-speed electrons in the magnetic field, called synchrotron emission, is associated with star formation and may be the source of these high-speed particles.

In the image above, you can see how the Milky Way hosts the largest and thickest collection of giant molecular clouds, these cool clouds contain enough dense gas and dust, and cause billions of stars to form like the Sun. A portion of the visible sky extends about 1.6 degrees – equivalent to three times the moon – about 750 light years in width.

The GISMO team detected radio filaments near the center of the galactic

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