What will NASA do under the Artemis mission.

NASA will again send man to the moon, under this mission, NASA is committed to land American astronauts, including the first woman and the next male on the moon, by 2024. During the NASA Artemis lunar mission, NASA will explore new technologies and systems on the moon.Will use  Artemis lunar mission will collaborate with its commercial and international partners to establish a permanent mission by 2028, with this mission NASA will take a giant leap over the moon, using what scientists learn about the moon and its surroundings.   

NASA will demonstrate new technologies, capabilities and business approaches required by the exploration of this mission, including the establishment of Mars, including the US leadership,and a strategic presence on the Moon.  While expanding the global economic impact, NASA will promote commercial and international partnerships, inspire new generations, and also encourage careers in STEM. 

With NASA’s own powerful new rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), will send astronauts in the Orion spacecraft a quarter million miles from Earth to lunar orbit.His astronauts would then dock Orion at the gateway, and where they would live and work around the moon.Before the crew under this mission returns to the orbiting site, the crew will drive from the gateway to the lunar surface in a new human landing system, and the crew will eventually return to Earth aboard the Orion. NASA will send a suite of equipment and technology demonstrations through the lunar surface.

The space agency will fly two missions around the moon, to test its deep space exploration systems, and the same NASA is working towards launching Artemis 1 in 2020, to test SLS and the Orion spacecraft simultaneously.  For, there is a flight without a flight.  Artemis 2, the first SLS and Orion flight with crew, is targeted for launch in 2022, NASA will land astronauts on the Moon once again on the Artemis 3 mission by 2024 and then once a year.    

Find and use water and other important resources necessary for long-term exploration.Discover the mysteries of the moon and learn more about our home planet and the universe on how the surface of another celestial body lives and operates where astronauts live three days away from home when we technologies astronauts on Mars  Is required before sending, which may take up to three years. As the name of NASA’s program to return astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024, including the first female and the next male.When they land, our American astronauts will set foot where no human has ever been before: the Moon’s South Pole.

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