Do ringing black holes support the no-hair theorem of gravitational waves.

Do ringing black holes support the no-hair theorem of gravitational waves.

As simple as a black hole is, it is just as mysterious, because it is not possible to say that a black hole has hair. Stephen Hawking believed that black black holes can have soft hair, if it is,This will be a new discovery.
 Researchers say that in spacetime two black holes collide to create waves, and we can say that bees have no “hair”. Where are the 13 physical review papers reported by scientists.This is another way, as predicted by Einstein’s theory of relativity, that it is common to predict that black holes have no characteristic properties of mass, and that they spin at the same rate, SN: 9/24 /.  10).

Black holes are simple objects, that is to say, MIT physicist Maximiliano Issy, he believes that black holes are very simple objects.  In 2015, researchers discovered by the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, LIGO, that spacetime waves formed as two black holes collided with each other, causing it to form a large black hole (SN: 2/11/16  ) Spiraled around each other before crashing.  After that event, the newly formed large black hole went through a period of “rigdown”, and it vibrated several milliseconds, as it emitted from gravitational waves, the way a tuck tucked, and finally from a calm.First creates sound waves.

The way to revive a black hole is to know the gravitational waves as overtones, not at a single frequency but with additional, short-term frequencies, with bells ringing with several tones other than the main pitch.  The researchers allowed those waves to be compared with the prediction of a blurred black hole, which could measure the main frequency of the ringing black hole as well as an overtones, and this result was agreed to within 20 percent. When the overtones were measured  Gone, this result still leaves some wiggle room to prove some hair theorem to be wrong, and this is a clear demonstration, this method works, the same Oxford universityist  Says physicist Leo Stein’s schools, that were not involved in the research, and I hope, that accuracy will increase are improved LIGO.  If the mass and spin of the black hole were calculated, the researchers agreed with the values ​​predicted from the whole data event, including the spiraling and merging of the original two black holes, using only the waves from the rundown period, and the researchers  , Reinforced this idea, that the resulting black hole’s behavior was determined solely by its mass and spin.

But just as a bald man can play some varieties, if on inspection of a black hole can reveal some hair, if it happens, this information will become a puzzle for the solution of the paradox.  In an effort to resolve the paradox in 2016, physicist Stephen Hawking and his colleagues suggested that a black hole may have “soft hair” (SN: 4/3/18). It may also be that objects  I have more secrets for them.

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