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NASA’s DSOC Experiment Achieves “First Light” Beyond the Moon.


NASA’s Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) experiment marks a historic milestone as it achieves “first light,” successfully beaming a near-infrared laser encoded with test data from nearly 10 million miles away – a distance about 40 times farther than the Earth’s Moon. Riding on the recently launched Psyche spacecraft, DSOC heralds a new era in spacecraft communication technology.

DSOC’s cutting-edge laser transceiver, situated aboard the Psyche spacecraft, sent high-bandwidth test data to the Hale Telescope at Caltech’s Palomar Observatory in San Diego County, California. The achievement represents the farthest-ever demonstration of optical communications, showcasing the potential of this transformative technology. As Psyche embarks on its mission to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, DSOC will continue its two-year technology demonstration, shaping the future of data transmission in deep space.

Trudy Kortes, Director of Technology Demonstrations at NASA Headquarters, emphasizes the significance of achieving “first light,” stating that this paves the way for higher-data-rate communications crucial for sending scientific information, high-definition imagery, and streaming video in support of future human missions, including the goal of sending humans to Mars.

The DSOC experiment aims to demonstrate data transmission rates 10 to 100 times greater than current state-of-the-art radio frequency systems used by spacecraft. Using near-infrared laser communications, DSOC encodes data in tightly packed waves, significantly enhancing the efficiency of data transmission compared to traditional radio frequency systems.

As a technological boon, optical communication will revolutionize deep space exploration, enabling scientists and researchers to gather more data from space missions. The success of DSOC’s “first light” achievement sets the stage for future breakthroughs, with optical communication playing a pivotal role in advancing human and robotic exploration missions and supporting higher-resolution science instruments.

The DSOC experiment is part of a series of optical communication demonstrations funded by NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate and the Space Communications and Navigation program. While optical communication has been previously demonstrated in low Earth orbit and up to the Moon, DSOC’s achievement is the first test in deep space, opening new frontiers for efficient and high-speed data transmission in the vast reaches of our solar system.

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