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Large smashup event between two rocky bodies suggests solar system size.

There are many rocky bodies in our solar system, which are revolving around the Sun like the Earth, they are so many in number, that there are collisions between them, can these collisions give shape to the solar system and their planets?  The picture above shows how a massive debris cloud is created by collisions between large asteroid-sized objects.

NASA’s Spitzer has spotted a giant debris cloud around a young star HD 166191, which astronomers say is a smash-up event between two objects. Astronomers believe that a large smashup between several rocky bodies may have shaped our solar system, because observing the event of a smashup between objects suggests that the smashup event may have shaped the solar system and the planets.  

Observing such an accident gives clues about how often these events happen around other stars as well. Researchers say that most of the Solar System’s rocky planets and satellites, including Earth and the Moon, may have been largely formed, or were shaped, by collisions of other rocky bodies in the early history of the Solar System. In the early days of the solar system, many rocky bodies collided with each other, due to this collision the rocky bodies could split into many pieces, accumulate more material, and increase in size, or they could break into many smaller bodies.

Large smashup event between two rocky bodies suggests solar system size.

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