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The reason for seismic activity on the Sun’s surface may be hidden under the solar surface.


The results, published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters, state that the acoustic source is buried about 700 miles below the surface of the Sun, which scientists previously estimated may be above the surface. New studies show that during the solar flare, there is seismic activity on the surface of the Sun, the cause may be hidden under the solar. On the surface of the Sun, there are many solar flare, which produces waves, sound, energy, it is like a wave, which comes out first and then disappears as soon as it comes back inside.

Earthquakes that occur on the surface of the Sun release acoustic energy in the form of rippling waves, It is the outbreak of light, energy and material visible in the outer atmosphere of the Sun. A seismic emission originating in the Sun that indicates a submersible with its source, which is approximately one mm below the active zone, is also the cause of solar flare.

Researchers previously hypothesized that the sun’s light was driven by magnetic forces or external hits, and that the waves passed beneath the surface of the sun, and reached deep into the interior. But the researchers found something different in the results of the new study, in 2011 the Solar Dynamics Observatory observed a slight earthquake with moderately strong waves, emanating from a strong solar glow.

Scientists were able to track the waves with the help of heliosymic holography techniques, a technique used to reconstruct a 3D image of the sources of acoustic waves emanating from the M9.3-square flare on 30 July 2011. Scientists have found a source component in the images, submerging a full Mm below the photographic region of the active region.

The signature of acoustic sources deep in the solar interior opens up new ideas in physics for scientists, which should be involved in transient acoustic emission from flares, and possibly in mass flare physics. Scientists have still not been able to find out exactly what causes the mechanism to cause sunlight, but the results indicate that they are likely to originate below the surface.

The reason for seismic activity on the Sun’s surface may be hidden under the solar surface.

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