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Tilt is seen in the bridge of Abel 2384 system.

The bridge between two large galaxies has been observed by NASA’s Lunar X-ray Observatory, which for some reason the bursa has tilted into this bridge, we have to understand what the bridge is, to understand the tilt of this bridge ? And how are the bridges between the two streets formed?

As we know, at the time of creation of the Universe, many galaxies were created, at that time many small big galaxies were formed.  Researchers say, several hundred million years ago, two large galaxies collided with each other as it passed through each other, causing hot gas flooding from the galaxy cluster, causing two galaxies  An unusual bridge is constructed between.

Composed of two galaxies, this massive system is known as the Abell 2384, in which it can be seen clearly how the bridge between two galaxies collided with each other, due to which the bridge was built. Abell 2384 shows a superheated gas bridge in a composite image of X-rays from NASA’s Lunar X-ray Observatory and ESM’s XMM-Newton.  This new multi-wavelength view is one of a bunch, revealing the effects of shooting a jet away from a supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy, a jet so powerful that it causes the gas bridge. The size of the bridge extends over 3 million light years and has a mass of about 6 trillion suns.

The researchers labeled an Abell 2384 image, in which they trace the shape of the variant bridge, and marked the position of the supermassive black hole, and which showed that the jet heated to the side of the bridge at the point of collision  Is pushing the gas.  Astronomers have also found evidence for a shock front, similar to a sonic boom from a supersonic plane, suggesting that it can keep the gas warm, and also for the formation of new stars, causing it to cool. Can stop.  According to the researchers, radio emissions span about 1.2 million light-years from black holes in the north and about 1.7 million light-years in the south, and northern radio emissions have also faded compared to southern emissions. According to the researchers, these differences can be explained by how the effect of the jet with hot gas in the bridge may slow down radio emissions in the north.

NASA’s lunar X-rays have often seen hot gases in the centers of galaxy clusters, as we have seen before, in the Perseus cluster, MS 0735 and the Officus cluster. Abell 2384 provides a rare case of such interactions, occurring in the outer region of a cluster. This is a result of the fact that the supermassive black hole that drives the jet is not in the largest galaxy at the center of the cluster. Researchers believe that this can be a good example, to understand the evolution of galaxy clusters of systems such as Abell 2384. Researchers have shown, based on computer simulations, that after a collision between two galaxy clusters, they oscillate like a pendulum, and pass through each other several times before merging to form a larger cluster. Researchers think, based on these simulations, that the two clusters in Abel 2384 will eventually merge.

Tilt is seen in the bridge of Abel 2384 system.

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