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What is the Caldwell Catalog, and what is it considered.

Ever since the Universe has been created, there have been countless objects in the Universe since it began to form after the Big Bang, which also includes our Milky Way Galaxy, including many more, such as the Milky Way, the Comet, the Nebula, Stars, Planet etc. Hello guys, my surendra uikey, and today in this article, we will talk about some charts that help us understand the objects of the Universe, and which we know the names of the Messier catalog, its 18th century  Was built

 What are Messier Catalogs?  So let me tell you, Messier catalogs are a kind of chart, which includes even more than 100 items of the Universe, which we can say, this is a way of friends, with the help of which we can understand the countless objects of the Universe. It can be said that this is an image, which includes all the objects of the universe. The Messier catalog was first created during the 18th century, it was created by the French astronomer Charles Messier, it also contains over 100 cosmic objects.  Friends, in this Messier catalog list, we see how the blurred spots in the Messier catalog represent galaxies, star clusters, which we can call friends, it is a guide, because it helps to find such cosmic objects.  Can be applied, which are visually stunning.

Friends, in the 1980s, another catalog was created, which was to say that it was the opposite of the Messier catalog, it was made by amateur astronomers by an Englishman named Sir Patrick Moore, friends. Are characteristic of. This Caldwell catalog includes celestial bodies found in both northern and southern neighborhoods, such as 46 star clusters, 35 galaxies, and 28 nebulae, and thus 109 objects. Sir Patrick Moore has not included any Messier items in his catalog, now may be the reason for this, it is not known. 

Friends, you must know, about Nasa / esa’s Hubble Space Telescope, and I don’t need to tell you about it, guys, as I know, in the Caldwell catalog of the Hubble Space Telescope, as of now, of any object  Images have not been done. Viewed by Hubble as just one of 95 items, by the end of 2019, Friends Hubble’s Caldwell catalog includes processed images for 56 Caldwell objects here, and for information, let me tell you, Friends Future  More pictures will be added to Hubble’s list of Caldwell items. Friends, we will talk about Hubble’s Caldwell catalog in the next article, friends, if you have any questions in mind, you can ask, in the comment box, I will wait for your comment.

What is the Caldwell Catalog, and what is it considered.

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