IC 2051 galaxy 85 million light-years away in the southern planetarium.

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In the southern constellations about 85 million light away from the Milky Way, the Hubble Space Telescope took photos of the IC 2051 galaxy.  It is a spiral galaxy, studies by researchers show that it has a specific whirlpool, pinned arms, and a piece of stars in its center.

The IC 2051 galaxy was observed by Hubble during the study of the brightly rounded central region of spiral galaxies. Looking at the IC 2051 galaxy from one site, it looks like a flying saucer, it is thin and flat. There is usually a black hole in the center of every spiral galaxy, in the same way there is a black hole in its center, and with a massive bulge of stars in its center, it extends above and below the disc.

Researchers believe that the emergence of IC 2051 shows how galaxies evolve. And usually the centers of most spiral galaxies are hidden on a black hole, and they play an important role in influencing the growth of black holes. However, researchers say that more observations are needed about such spiral galaxies.

Studies by researchers suggest that some, or even most, galactic protrusions can be complex mixed structures rather than simple ones. Containing a mixture of spherical, disc-like, or boxy components, possibly leading into a wide array. IC 2051 To study the galaxy in depth, see Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 in this image for visible and infrared wavelengths. Data are included.

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