11 November Mercury transit It occurs 1 time in about 13 year.

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This day of November 11, 2019 was quite special, because on this day Mercury came between the planet Earth and the Sun, it happens once in the 13th year.The planet Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system, and it is closest to the Sun, it completes the orbiter of the Sun in 88 days, taking less time to orbit the Sun than the Earth.If we talk about the planet Mercury, it comes once between the Earth and the Sun in the 13th year, we know this phenomenon as transit.The planet Mercury passed directly between the Earth and the Sun, and upon seeing this event from Earth it appears as if there is a black dot on the head of the Sun, this phenomenon only occurs about once in the 13th century, so scientists call It is considered a rare phenomenon.

Such an event took place in 2006 and on May 9, 2016, the transit or passage of a planet on the face of the Sun was a relatively rare event, as we can see from Earth, this transit was possible only due to Mercury and Venus.  Solar scientist Mijit Adams of Helitophysics and Planets says that the universe is like experiencing miracles, seeing transits and eclipses, and this experience serves to encourage all of us,It gives us opportunities to make accurate predictions of science and mathematics.Like every time, this year also saw transit widely visible from most parts of the Earth, including the Americas, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, New Zealand, Europe, Africa and Western Asia, with transit times around 6:35  It started at CST at around 9:20 am CST, the center of Mercury being as close as it was to approaching the Sun.This transit was for about six hours, and so there was plenty of time to catch the show.

During transit, Mercury appeared as a small point, it covered a small part of the Sun’s surface, it is only 1/283 the diameter of the Sun.The magnification of a telescope (minimum 50x) with a solar filter is required to see such a low-diameter transit.The scientist says that we should never look at the sun directly or with a telescope without any protection.Because it can cause serious and permanent vision damage, always use a safe sun filter to protect your eyes. 

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