NASA’s ICON spacecraft launch will be launched on 10 October.

NASA's ICON spacecraft launch will be launched on 10 October.

The Icon spacecraft will tell us where the Earth’s atmosphere ends, and where does it start from where it started? We will get the answers to such other questions very soon, we will get the answers to these questions by the ionospheric connection explorer, or ICON, spacecraft, which will be launched on October 11.

NASA and Northrop Grumman are preparing the Pegasus XL rocket for their next mission at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California for the spacecraft, the ionospheric connection explorer or ICON. 2019 has been rescheduled, following the completion of a joint NASA / Northrop Grumman probe into Pegasus sensor readings, and During the last launch attempt flights was not within normal limits. So the reason for this problem was to find out.

NASA has conducted two L1011 flights with Pegasus, which has been modified to solve the flight hardware problem, and to verify the effectiveness of the modification with no problems, and the same functional on NASA’s ICON spacecraft The tests are being carried out, followed by the use of Northrop Grumman’s LEOStar-2 platform, used to ensure that the ICON spacecraft will launch the upcoming A Clarification activity, is prepared for the ferry flight and launch, or not, and as usual, this mission is very important for the Pegasus and ICON.

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