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NASA launches ninth ROCKSAT-X rocket.

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Launched by NASA, it was the ninth RockSAT-X payload. For which the student scientists worked hard, and launched with the successful liftoff of their RockSat-X mission.This experiment was done this morning on August 13,student scientists conducted experiments up to an altitude of 96 miles before returning to Earth for review.             

The ROCSAT-X program, performed every year by NASA, is a program designed for students to learn and apply skills in building experiments of suborbital space flights.  More than 200 university students across the United States witnessed the launch of their experiments on a NASA sub-orbiting rocket.The student scientist had the opportunity to learn the basics of electrical and mechanical engineering. Wherever, this rocket was a great way to get this experience.Launching and watching the work with NASA engineers has been a real experience for the student scientist.

The event, organized in conjunction with the Colorado Space Grant Consortium, has proven to be excellent training for students.  RockSat-X is the most advanced of NASA’s three-stage sounding rocket program for students. RockOn launches are at entry level, then progress to Intermedia level RockSAT-C missions and then RockSAT-X.
NASA launches ninth ROCKSAT-X rocket.

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