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Hubble Telescope searched two attached Galaxy.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope some time ago discovered two galaxies, which pair perfectly, like a twin sister, it looks like a worm, this pair of luminescent creatures is actually a galaxy. The two are due to their gravitational attraction to each other.  Is attached to  Galaxy The pair is named UGC 2369 by NASA.  The mutual gravitational attraction of galaxies is drawing them closer, distorting their shapes in the protons. 

Such common phenomena occur when two galaxies interact with each other. For large galaxies such as our Milky Way, most of these interactions involve so-called dwarf galaxies.In some billion years from today, some significant event may occur. With our Milky Way galaxy, this massive event will occur in about four billion years, when it collides with its larger neighbor Andromeda galaxy.

Hubble Telescope searched two attached Galaxy.

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