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SpaceX is launching its next dragon spacecraft.

SpaceX is preparing for its next mission, very soon Spacex will launch the Dragon Spacecraft with its Falcon 9 Rocket.
  SpaceX is the 18th commercial reproduction service mission, dragon spacecraft will be loaded with dozens of experiments made in space.  Launch date: Sunday, July 21, 2019 at 7:35 pm  International Space Station (ISS) us  The National Laboratory SpaceX’s dragon is giving a finalization to more than two dozen payloads for launch in a circular circular laboratory.  Many of these payloads are aimed at improving human health on the earth, many of which are focused on drug development.  In addition, a series of payloads from identified private sector partners will be launched on this mission.  More than 40 student experiments and demonstrations have been included on the 18th Commercial Recepti Services Mission (CRS-18) of SpaceX.  One part of ISS American National Laboratory’s goal is to encourage and engage next generation scientists.                                                                                                                        The Quest Institute will start a multi-experiment investigation that will include a student in the world. Students will send five inquiry concentrated on magnetism advances, according to the design of microscope research, the Main Operating Officer of the ASS National Lab, according to Kenneth Shields, “This student activity is an important part of the ISO National Lab Mission to attach the next generation of the activity and the next generation of activities. Spaceflite research and development, is a new generation to continue the search of scientific exploration and is helping to shape the future leaders and decision makers of our country and the world.                    N

SpaceX is launching its next dragon spacecraft.

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