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Dragon established the station’s hormonic module for cargo operations.

 SpaceX successfully launched its 18th Commercial Cargo Mission on July 25 in the International Space Station.The SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket launched a robot Dragon Cargo Capsule on the International Space Station.SpaceX installed the Dragon Cargo Spacecraft on Earth’s Orbit. Two days after the launch from Thoughlorda, at 12:01 pm, at the time the station was in the Harmony module of the station.  After spending almost a month connected by the dragon to the space station, the spacecraft will return to Earth with cargo and research.
More than 5,000 pounds of research,crew supplies and hardware are revolving in the laboratory in the 18th contracted commercial re-supply mission from SpaceX. Spacex’s Dragon Cargo section has a major Docking Adapter-3 (IDA-3).  Who will use the robotic arm to remove IDA-3 from Flight Controller Robot in Mission Control in Houston.And above the pressure-facing side of the harmonic module, the pressure will be above the mating adapter-3.
The same NASA astronaut, Nick Haggund, Andrew Morgan, who had come to the station on July 20, had set up a spacewalk in the middle of August to establish a high-definition camera on the establishment of docking port, connecting power and data cables, and boom arm. 
  To control the flight of robotics from NASA and Canadian Space Agency, the teams will finalize the docking port in space and display the final installation steps by astronauts.  IDA-3 and IDA-2, both of which were established in 2016, provided a new standardized and automated docking system for spacecraft, and included commercial spacecraft, which included space through contract with NASA  The passengers will be transported.
Microgia effect on microgia 3D model IPSC – Adult cells are genetically embryonic stem cells and are programmed to return to the condition – it has the capacity to develop in any cell type in the human body, according to therapeutic purposes it is an unlimited source of human cells  Offer.And the Space Tango-induced pluripotent stem cell also checks out how the white blood cells extracted from IPSCs of Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis patients move in 3D cultures, no change in gene expression, And it comes in contact with the microbiological environment.So this result will give a new direction to the development of possible treatments. grown on the space station, and with the people who develop on Earth, to determine how microbiology influences its development and other characteristics.
Without the roots of small plants, only one small area is needed for their development, a benefit for their potential use in space and future targets on the Moon or Mars.  This investigation can provide information that in other engineering plants, AIDS is better developed on Earth along with Moon and Mars.
Dragon established the station’s hormonic module for cargo operations.

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