Chandrayaan-2 has successfully launched.

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The launch of Chandraya-2 has been successful after scientifications, the sciences welcomed the mission by the appointment of the arm.Chairman of Isro, Sivan has announced this thing from the space center, The second Moon mission of the Barable Space Research Organization (ISRO) has launched successfully. 

Chandrayaan-2 was launched from the country’s most powerful bolkal rocket GSLV-MK3 in the afternoon. On the July 22,On the July 22,On the July 2.43, the country’s most powerful bolkali rocket was launched from GSLV-MK3. About 4,23 minutes, Chandrayaan-2, the mS with the 18% km from Earth will be derived from the 3 rocket and the earth’s class. 
It has started the carriage of the Earth to be done by the rock of the earth. After that, the 48 day journey of Chandraya -2 has started to reach the southern pole of the moon.

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