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America Department of Physics and Biology at the Russian SpaceShift Station

This week, a pair of American space and Russian ships left the Infinite Space Station. Russia’s progress 71 (71P) cargo craft closed in the morning and the SpaceX dragon returned to Earth on Monday. Packed with 71P, trash and unused hardware, Tuesday morning, EDT undocked at 3:40 PM behind the Zvzda service module. It republished the Earth’s atmosphere and burned it safely in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean. This completes a mission when the 71P was launched on November 16. 16and gave about three tonnes of cargo to the crew of Expedition 57 two days later.

Between all cargo transfers and spaceships departments, the Expedition 59Crew found time to continue the space research. On Monday, astronauts David St-Jacques and Christina Kochkplor saw the possibility of firing satellites in space and separating gases and fluids into advanced life support systems. Flight engineer Earl Mecklen cleared the incubator after an experiment was completed, which looked at the converting gene expression in space.Today, the crew is conducting various biomedical research and space botanical sciences. An astronaut from NASA Nick Hegaxum today saw the eyes of Cosmonauts Allenko and Alexey Ovichin using optical cohering tomography hardware. Saint-Jacques scanned his leg’s artery by a doctor on heart disease at a distance in space.

Coach has established Botany hardware in the Columbus Laboratory module of Europe today for ongoing research to increase the supply of fresh food in space. McClean continued the incubator closeout activities in Japan’s Kibo Lab module.

America Department of Physics and Biology at the Russian SpaceShift Station

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