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Month: June 2022

The NIRISS mode of the Webb telescope is capable of viewing the universe in over 2,000 infrared colors.

Webb Telescope will bring a revolution in the coming time, which will change the whole of astronomy, it will not be wrong to say, Webb will unveil the mysteries which the Hubble Telescope was unable to understand. Webb is a telescope that has the ability to investigate planets and galaxies in infrared light, it is […]

An encounter image taken between two spiral galaxies (NGC 2207 and IC2163) by the Hubble telescope

The Hubble Telescope has captured an image of two spiral galaxies moving toward each other that researchers believe will merge into each other in the future, following a near-collision of these two galaxies. The image was captured by the Hubble Telescope’s Wide Field Planetary Camera 2. The researchers named these galaxies NGC 2207 and IC2163, […]

Why are the two normal looking planets in our solar system different in colour?

Neptune and Uranus, located at a greater distance from the Sun, which have different colors even after having a normal atmosphere, the structure of both Neptune and Uranus are very similar in every respect, but still their colors are different, why is it so? Let us know in detail about Neptune and Uranus before understanding […]

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