Hubble captured an image of a globular cluster.

In the constellation Sagittarius at the center of the Milk Way is a globular cluster Terzan 9, a globular cluster consisting of thousands of millions of stars, which can be seen in this, what are seen thousands of millions of stars, as if from a sea of sequins or gold Be laden with a huge treasure. As this image demonstrates, the globular cluster contains thousands of millions of stars filled and scattered.

This image of a globular cluster was captured using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope’s Wide Field Camera 3 and the Advanced Camera for Surveys, part of Hubble’s program to investigate this globular cluster.

The central region of the Milky Way contains several clusters of hundreds of millions of stars, known as galactic bulges, and are also rich in galactic interstellar dust, and are the reason why the dust formed globular clusters near the galactic center. made it difficult to study. The dust in the galactic absorbs light, which causes it to change the apparent colors of stars in globular clusters.

Hubble’s sensitivity has allowed astronomers to measure, at visible and infrared wavelengths, how interstellar dust changes the colors of globular clusters.

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