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Hubble Observes Galaxy LEDA 42160 Battling intergalactic gas Pressure in Virgo Cluster.

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This Hubble image shows dwarf galaxy, LEDA 42160.

NASA/ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope recently captured a striking image of LEDA 42160, a diminutive galaxy situated approximately 52 million light-years away in the Virgo constellation. Despite its small stature, this galaxy finds itself in the midst of a cosmic struggle within the dense environment of the massive Virgo cluster of galaxies.

The image unveils LEDA 42160 as it contends with the formidable force known as ram pressure, exerted by the intergalactic gas permeating the cluster. Ram pressure, a consequence of the galaxy’s motion through space, imposes significant effects on the galaxy’s star formation processes.

As LEDA 42160 traverses through the Virgo cluster, the relentless pressure from surrounding gas and dust threatens to strip the galaxy of its star-forming materials. This stripping action can hinder or even halt the birth of new stars within the galaxy. Paradoxically, however, ram pressure can also compress gas within the galaxy, fostering regions of intensified star formation.

The Hubble data utilized in crafting this image forms part of a comprehensive study focusing on dwarf galaxies experiencing ram pressure stripping within expansive galaxy clusters, such as the Virgo cluster. Previous investigations have indicated that ram pressure stripping initially triggers enhanced star formation in larger galaxies. In this study, researchers sought to ascertain whether analogous phenomena occur in smaller galaxies like LEDA 42160.

Of particular note are the conspicuous bright patches adorning LEDA 42160’s lower-right quadrant, possibly indicative of vigorous star-forming regions stimulated by ram pressure stripping. By scrutinizing Hubble’s observations of LEDA 42160, astronomers aim to unravel the intricate processes underlying the formation of these distinctive features within this diminutive galaxy.

Hubble Observes Galaxy LEDA 42160 Battling intergalactic gas Pressure in Virgo Cluster.

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