The image of the globular cluster NGC 6540 has been captured by the Hubble telescope.

An image of the globular cluster NGC 6540, taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, shows that both the Hubble Telescope’s instruments Wide Field Camera 3 and the Advanced Camera have slightly different fields of image, both of Hubble’s cameras determine, That’s how large a sky area each device takes up. This Hubble image shows the starry region in the sky captured by both instruments, NGC 6540 being a globular cluster, and a cluster of stable stars like the rest of the globular cluster.

The population of stars in globular cluster clusters can range from tens of thousands to millions of stars, and all of them are trapped in a cluster due to their mutual gravitational attraction. The brightest stars in this image from Hubble are adorned with prominent cross-shaped patterns of light, known as diffraction spikes, the diffraction spikes being lines emanating from bright light sources, known in photographs and in vision as the starburst effect or sunstar.

The star’s light when it enters the telescope is slightly different from its internal structure, as bright objects are surrounded by spikes of light, observed by Hubble at the center of NGC 6540, to help researchers determine the age, size and shape of the globular clusters. to measure structures. The gas and dust covering the center of our galaxy blocks some of the light from globular clusters, causing the globular cluster’s stars to change colour.

Astronomers believe that globular clusters provide insight into the early history of the Milky Way, so studying them can help us understand how our galaxy evolved.

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