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Month: July 2022

Quasi-periodic explosion events occurring at the center of the galaxy GSN 069.

Researchers used data from the ESA XMM-Newton satellite and the NASA lunar spacecraft to investigate the behavior of quasi-periodic explosions that occur at the center of the GSN 069 galaxy, the results of the study were published July 15 on It was found that quasi-periodic explosion events occurring at the center of the Milky […]

Webb images show us things that were not possible to see before.

Six months after Webb’s launch, NASA unveiled the first operational images of Webb to new depths and worlds, and with it the beginning of the revolutionary era of the Webb telescope, it’s not wrong to say. Webb will give researchers the opportunity to study every phase of this vast cosmic history, spanning 13.5 billion years, […]

The wait is finally over for the Webb Telescope’s first image.

Finally the first image of the Webb telescope arrived, which everyone was eagerly waiting for, and the universe observations have begun with the first image of the webb telescope, the first ever deepest and brightest infrared image of the universe from the webb telescope, Webb took an image of the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723 from […]

A supermassive black hole spins more slowly than a less massive black hole.

About 3.4 billion light-years from Earth is the H1821+643 quasar, a quasar powered by a supernova black hole, a quasar also known as a quasi-stellar object, and an extremely luminous active galactic nucleus (AGN). Happens. The mass of a quasar ranges from millions to billions, and its solar mass is surrounded by a gaseous accretion […]

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