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Human’s curiosity about the moon



                                                                                                                                                       The moon is our only satellite on Earth, which is 350,000 k,g away from the Earth.Hello friends, I am Surendra Uikey,  and today we will talk, about the moon.The moon is very close to the Earth, and for this reason we see the moon bigger.  The moon is the brightest thing in the night time. There have always been questions in our mind about the moon.  Friends, as we all know, we are always inquisitive, and because of our curiosity, we have been able to know about the moon.1701 Before, the human thinking was somewhat different, but since 1701 we humans have known the moon from science perspective.According to science, the origin of the moon was a hundred years before a big planet hit the planet.  As a result of this collision the moon was born.  The same researcher is referring to the pieces of rocks brought from the moon by Apollo astronauts behind this theory.  These rocky pieces show signs of a planet called ‘Theia’.  The Moon is made up of elements of Earth and Thiadon, which were slightly different from each other.  There is so much truth in this matter that it will come to be known the time.  Friends, what do you think, how the moon was born.  Please tell by commenting. Friends, as we all know, the Space Agency has done about 121 missions on the Moon.American Space Agency nasa has done 52 missions on the moon, in which nasa is successful in 31 missions.The Soviet Space Agency lavochkin has made 57 missions on the moon, in which lavochkin has had success in 18 missions.Japan Space Agency isas has made 6 missions on the moon, in which isas has been successful in 4 missions.  The China Space Agency cnsa has done 4 missions on the moon, in which Cnsa has had success in 2 missions.  Indian Space Agency isro has done 2 missions on the moon, the isro has had success in 2 missions.The purpose of the Space Agency is to settle the human habitation on the moon. And due to this curiosity, space agencies have done many missions.Friends, what do you think, the space agency will be able to settle the human habitation on the moon.  Friends, you surely must comment by announcing it

Human’s curiosity about the moon

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